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Tours Macaw Clay Lick – Tambopata National Reserve


> DAY 1.- Breakfast will be at the Hostel,  We will star the trip from the Hostel in the morning, We can leave things what you do not really need for this trip. We will take a car to Infierno native community to take the boat up macaw clay lickthe Tambopata river for one hour and we will have a walk to the first lake “Tres Chimbadas” this is a great place to fish for piranhas, we definitely will catch some fish here, at the same time this is a very good place to spot a group of giant river others,  then we will continue crossing the first check point to reach to our first destination, this boat trip is going to be around 2 hours up River, during this trip we have good chances to see Capybara, turtles, White Caymans and a lot of birds, the first night is going to be in a tent or a room with “COLLPAS TAMBOPATA INN” at Baltimore Community. The first night we will look for Caymans along the river bank. This is great because at night is when they are hunting.

> DAY 2.- We will wake up early “5:00am” to go 30 minutes by boat and then 2 hours walking to get to the Sachavacayok oxbow lake, this is a great place to see monkeys in the way and we will have really good chances to find maybe an Anaconda, Black Caymans or the group of giant river others,  we will have lunch in this lagoon. In the afternoon, we can guide you along the local farm .
> DAY 3. – We will continue up the Tambopata River for 1 more hours in the morning, we can have a swing here, along the river bank; there are nice places to do it. We will continue our trip one more hour to the Malinowski check point, lunch here and in the afternoon we will go for a walk to a mammal clay lick to see as much as we can; here we have a really good chance to see wild pigs and maybe a tapir in the mammal clay lick. We will spend the night in a nice private room with share bathroom. We also have a night walk here.

> DAY 4.- We will wake up around 4 am, to take our boat and go for one hour up river to see the Chuncho macaw clay lick activity, this is an amazing place full of parrots and macaws, this is a place where we get our macaw clay lickmacaw clay lickbreakfast and also after the activity we will go to look for possible jaguars along the river bank, I can tell you that here we have at least 40 % of probabilities to find one along the bank.  Around 10am we could take the boat down river to get to our last destination the SANDOVAL LAKE. It will be 4 hours down river and then 45 minutes walking to get to the lake, usually the sunset here is very beautiful, and chances to spot black caymans is 100% of guarantees.

> DAY 5.-
 You choose the time you would like to wake up and begin the day. If you wish we can go for a walk before breakfast or you can sleep in until breakfast – it is entirely up to you and how you would like to enjoy your nutriavacation. After breakfast we will go on a new walk to a totally different place, where we can talk about the use of some medicinal plants – there are A LOT and I will only mention the most important ones, the ones that we use the most and that are guaranteed to work. We will also try some natural, wild fruits of the jungle, depending on the season, and we will definitely be able to taste some larva and termites to end the excursion. This walk will take about 2 hours as well.

We’ll go back to Puerto Maldonado 20 minutes by canoe, 45 minutes walking and  one hour by the Madre de Dios river, we can arrive to Puerto Maldonado around  3:00pm – it could be a little earlier or a little later, as needed.


We have brand new kayaks singles and doubles, this is an extra activity that it is included in your program, it does not cost anything else, and we can go paddling up stream, down the Tambopata River or get into the Malinowski River the second, the third or the fourth day depending on your expectations. It is a very nice activity where we will enjoy the landscape and always expecting to spot some wildlife by the river bank 🙂

Tours macaw clay lick:

Cost of the park fee:  65.00 soles

Cost of the trip:   $565.00 usd per person all inclusive! (Group of 7 people max, I join the group)


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