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DAY 1: Tambopata Tours Sandoval Lake, We will begin the excursion with a delicious breakfast at the hostel at 7:00am. Then we will walk five minutes to the dock of the river “Madre de Dios” where our boat and motorist will take us tambopata toursdown the river, crossing over the Tambopata River, tambopata tours.  After an hourin the river we will arrive at the entrance of the Tambopata National Reserve. Afterentrada registering at the control point, we will walk about an hour along a trail to arrive at a canal that connects to Lake Sandoval. Then we will travel via canoe, rowing around the lake and enjoying to the max and getting the most out of our time there. We continue rowing around the edge of this beautiful lake, full of wildlife: incredible insects, small birds and very large, exotic colorful ones. We will observe monkeys in their natural habitat, eating, playing, sleeping, or simply jumping from tree to tree.

There is also a family of giant river otters living in Lake Sandoval. There are very few of them left in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru and this is one of the few places where we can observe a group of eight of them – almost always looking caimancitofor fish to eat. According to statistics there is an 80 percent chance of seeing them during a two-day visit to the lake. We also have the chance to observe black caimans, since the lake is their natural habitat – night time is the ideal time to observe them when they are most active, but we can also find them during the day.

Well, now that I’ve told you what the lake is like and what we can see during the day, we  will continue toward the home of a local family that lives within the reserve, tambopata tours. They will greet us with a delicious lunch – a traditional meal prepared wrapped in a leaf from the jungle to seal in flavor, accompanied by a typical drink. This is the same home where we will spend the night and have the rest of our meals – dinner,tambopata tours breakfast, and lunch.After a short rest we can return to the lake to go swimming (there is only one part of the lake where it is permitted to swim and it is very safe to do so). Then we will continue our journey through Lake Sandoval, enjoying the view of not just the animals that we can see, but also the gorgeous view that we have of the lake.

Evening at the lake with the sunset is the BEST and it is a great time to take amazing photos!! As soon as it gets dark we can begin to observe black caimans – this will take about an hour more or less.

Then we will have dinner, and if you are not too tired we can go on a night walk. We can look for insects, frogs, and maybe even some snakes or tarantulas, which always appear in the night.


We will wake up very early and, using flashlights, we will travel via canoe and later by foot to observe parrots, tambopata toursparakeets, and macaws. They are very intelligent birds and they congregate in the same place every sunrise to look for minerals in order to neutralize the toxins from the fruits, vegetables, and seeds that they eat each day. It’s a really beautiful place and we will spend a while there talking, taking photos, and taking in the view.

We will return to the local family’s home for a complete breakfast and then after a short rest we will walk through a forest, which has been left almost untouched by tambopata toursthe locals. This is a place where we will have a lot to talk about the economic activities of the area demonstrate in detail some of them. We will also have time to talk about some medicinal plants that are commonly used by the locals here. It’s a really great walk and it will take us about three hours to complete at a leisurely place – I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Then we will have lunch, and you will have the opportunity to go swimming in the lake one more time if you wish. Then we will pack our backpacks and begin our return to Puerto Maldonado. We will be back at about 5:00pm, or a little later or earlier as needed.

Tambopata Tours sandoval lake 2 full days:

Tambopata Tours Cost of the trip $130.00 usd per person, ALL INCLUSIVE!

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