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Guía : Gerson Medina Valera

(Since 2003 a local Tambopata guide for 6 years at Rainforest Expeditions company, since 2008 organizing regulars trips all around Tambopata and Manu. Since last year I organize especial expeditions for people who like to go depper, longer and get a wonderfull unforgettable experience finding new trails and looking for the best wildlife as posible.

Gerson is well recomended guide at peru Lonely Planet field guide pag. 442. Also recomended in Trip advisor reviews.


Every Year,  I organize  trips a once in a lifetime expeditions, Using a 75hp  engine a wooden boat, small canoes and our 2 feet we aim to explore the BEST into the Tambopata National Reserve.

This expeditions are tough, You will have to carry most of your equipment you need.

I will lead the excursión and 2 native guides will come with us: one from Manu National Park and one from Tambopata.





08:00 Reception in our Hostel with tea, coffee and full breakfast. Repack backpacks with equipment, food and water provided by the Hostel. Store unneeded articles in the lockers. Introduction to the guides.

08:30 Travel 19 km by 4×4 car to Infierno Native Community, at this community you will see the traditional way of life, their homes and school.

After this, we will get in our boat and 40 minutes up the Tambopata until 3 chimbadas oxbow lake for piranha fishing and to look for the group of Giant River otters.  It will take us 30 minutes on a easy walk.

13:00 Lunch on the lake, enjoy as much as we can of this amazing lake.

15:00 2 hours boat trip to Condenado Community, We will carry our camping equipment, make jungle camp and accommodating equipment. After dinner we will go to look for alligators and Capybaras.

NOTE: After dinner, make the traditional ceremony for the Pachamama (mother earth) to ask for protection and good luck during the trip.



05:00 Breakfast

05:30 20 minutes down river and 2 hours walk to condenado oxbow Lake, a good place to look for Harpy eagle and anacondas, we will also go to Sachavacayok oxbow lake, the biggest lake, here there is a spot the spend the night at the lake shore. Good changes to see the largest Mammal, The Tapir.

DAY 3.

5:00 We will paddle around the lake looking for the otters, kingfishers, herons and so many different butterflies. 7:00 We will go back to the river, get our boat and continue our 2 hours trip up the Tambopata, deeper in the jungle. We might see wildlife along the riverbank.

13:00 Lunch at Collpas Tambopata Inn. Shower and siesta

15:30 we will get in our boat and make a boat expedition up in the Malinowski River. Here we will start our jaguar expeditions.

19:00 Dinner at the Lodge.


DAY 4.-

4:30 Wake up time and depart in 1-hour boat trip to the best Macaw Clay lick at Tambopata, “CHUNCHO”. It is the best place in the world to see the variety of amazon parrots and large macaws. Toucans and eagles also come to this place.

Breakfast will be in front of the Clay Lick.

13:00pm Lunch at the Lodge. Siesta until 15:30.

15:45 We will go for a 2 hours walk to the Biggest mammal clay lick I will point out and explain about the flora and fauna, toxic plants, seasonal fruit and flowers we see on the way. I will also teach you how we use plants in our medicines. With luck we can see monkeys, wild boars, snakes, a variety of birds and a multitude of insect life.

We will return to our lodge at 20:30pm DINNER.


DAY 5.

We will take a boat trip in the morning to look for Jaguars along the Tambopata river bank, we will continue our search, everyday is different and I am sure we will see many different things.

13:00 lunch at Collpas.

16:00 we will pack our tents and carry it into the jungle to spend the night in the middle of the forest. This also will be unforgettable for you.


DAY 6.

We will come back to the lodge and get our breakfast here and then continue with a boat trip at midday.

We will visit a lake at the Malinowski River; it will be one-hour boat trip and then 10 minutes walking.

17:00pm return to the Lodge.

20:00 we will go to the River bank make fire and talk about local histories from Tambopata with the 2 native guides.

This night will be our last night at Tambopata, we “the guides” will respond all your questions that you might have about this unforgettable expedition.


DAY 7.


Depending on your time to catch the bus or the Plane, we will bring you back to Puerto Maldonado on the 7th day.


Wildlife to spot:

  • Most wanted animals: JAGUAR, ANACONDA, TAPIR, and GIANT RIVER OTTER.
  • Monkeys: Capuchin, Red Howler, Dusky Titi, squirrel, Saddle Back Tamarin, Black Spider and night monkeys.
  • Birds: toucans, Oropendolas, Hoatzin, eagles, herons, kingfishers, parrots, Macaws, harpy eagle and many more.
  • Other animals: Ocelot, Sloth, wild pigs, Capybaras, deer, armadillos, coatis and more…
  • Reptiles: Black and white Caymans, Dwarf Cayman, and many tarantula and snake maybe 😉


I try to do the best from my team to see as much as we can, I like to work with the weather conditions, with the sun and the moon; At the end of the excursion, I will give you back a 50% of your money from what you pay if we do not get to see at least 2 of the 4 MOST WANTED animals in the Tambopata jungle in the wild.



It is an all-inclusive trip:


Guide:  Gerson Medina Valera

Spotting scope: Swarovski

Binoculars:         Swarovski

Camera: Semi-professional cannon with a 400mm lens.

– Meals: From breakfast of the first day until lunch of the last day.

– Equipment for camping for 3 nights and 3 nights accommodation at Collpas Tambopata Inn.

–  Private Transportation by land and by boat.

– Entrance fees into the Tambopata National Reserve.

– Water, rubber boots, fishing equipment.

– 7 cold beers per person or your favorite drink for the best night.

_ Requirements for the meals is not a problem.




May:    Monday  7th to Sunday 13th  – 2018

June:    Monday 11th to Sunday 17th  – 2018

July:    Monday 9th to Sunday 15th  – 2018

August:  Wednesday 1nd to Tuesday 7th  – 2018

September:   Monday 3th to Sunday 9th  – 2018

October:    Thursday 4th to Wednesday 10th  – 2018


  • The most important thing is that you return safe and very happy.
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