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Day 1.

Tour Lake Sandoval, We will begin the excursion with a delicious breakfast at the hostel at 8:00am. Then we will walk five minutes to the dock of the river “Madre de Dios” where our boat and motorist will take us down the river, crossing over the Tambopata River. We will get to the entrance “the check point” The trail will take us on a 1.6 miles walk (2.5 kilometers) walk through a successional forest, former Giant natural bamboo forest, habitat for monkeys, sloth and macaws, until we reach a small canal where we board our paddle-canoes, we paddle for 100 meters (nearly the same in yards) trough a palm-forest swamp, abundance of “aguajes” (mauritia Palms) those palm provide the most popular fruit of the Peruvian Rainforest, highly consumed by locals as drinks and ice-creams. Then we will continue, rowing around the lake and enjoying to the max and getting the most out of our time there. We continue rowing around the edge of this beautiful lake, full of wildlife: incredible insects, small birds and very large, exotic colorful ones. We will observe monkeys in their natural habitat, eating, playing, sleeping, or simply jumping from tree to tree.

There is also a family of giant river otters living in tours Lake Sandoval . There are very few of them left in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru and this is one of the few places tours sandoval lake ,where we can observe a group of eight of them – almost always looking for fish to eat. According to statistics there is an 80 percent chance of seeing them during a three-day visit to the lake. We also have the chance to observe black caimans, since the lake is their natural habitat – night time is the ideal time to observe them when they are most active, but we

can also find them during the day. tour sandoval lake is very good. Well, now that I’ve told you what the lake is like and what we can see during the day, we will continue toward  the home of a local family that lives within the reserve. They will greet us with a delicious lunch – a traditional meal prepared wrapped in a leaf from the jungle to seal in flavor, accompanied by a typical drink. This is the same home where we will spend the night and have the rest of our meals.

After a short rest we can return to the Lake to go swimming (there is only one part of the lake where it is permitted to swim and it is very safe to do so). Then we will continue our journey through the lake, enjoying the view of not just the animals that we can see, but also the gorgeous view that we have of the Lake. Evening at the lake with the sunset is the BEST and it is a great time to take amazing photos!! As soon as it gets dark we can begin to observe black caimans – this will take about an hour more or less.

Then we will have dinner, and probably go to sleep because the following day will be very long, full of new experiences.


An early wake call and meeting at the lodges’ dinning room to visit the lake for sunrise and a hopeful encounter with the friendly family of Giant Otters who are highly active at this time of the lake, Giant otters must eat an average of 8 pounds of fish a day (4 kilos)

Sandoval lake offers abundant wildlife including: 6 species of monkeys, black caymans, over 40 species of birds resident to the lakes’ shore, all 5 species of kingfisher of Peru, and the most abundant group of Hoatzin, all the animals here are easy to photograph from the boats. Return to the lodge for breakfast.

By mid-morning we set off into the jungle to see Giant trees like the kapok and Brazil nut trees the two biggest trees of the amazon, our guide will show you and demonstrate how we collect open and commercialize this extremely important product to our local economy. We return midday to the lodge.

Lunch A Little rest in the rooms, with the overview of the lake or from the hummocks. At evening we take our paddle-canoe and explore a different area of the lake in search of the different troops of monkeys, highly active at this time of the day, Brown Capuchin monkey and Squirrel monkey live in the forest near the lake.

Before dinner we will again enjoy a nice night walk looking for the spooky tarantulas and snakes.


Optional hiking in the jungle or early visit to the lake before breakfast and transfer back to the office and the airport.


Prices are based on two people in one room, for a solo person price, a single supplement of  50 USD its added Casa Sandoval  3 days 2 nights    185 USD per person

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