Info : Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick and Sandoval Lake

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It is a precipice of formation along the river, every day in early hours, dozens of macaws, hundreds of parrots and many other  species of birds perform their ceremony of flit before their begin their amazin activity “colpeo” in the clay lick.

“This activity consist in taking enough clay from the clay lick in early hours and after 25 to 30 minutes. Then they will leave the claylick to comeback the next day. Many groups of macaws have seen at unusual times and usually in smaller groups. The only reason of this spectacular and fascinating natural show is still in debate and the answer depends on investigations. Many theories suggest that this clay contains Mineral and vital salts whisch are used on their diets. It is believed that the small particles of clay are useful to desintoxicate their diet of fruits and seeds that they should not eat.

At Chuncho & Lago Sandoval:

At Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick & Sandoval lake are the only 2 places where you can see in couple of days up to 6 species of monkeys, black cayman, giant other, macaws, turtles, sloth, tapir or Jaguar  and much more… no other places packs so much in a single place.

*6 people put together at the beginning of a tour, groups traveling together or family group then number is unlimited.





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